Who we are

Who Determines the Right System?  You Do!

You will find that when you make the call to A.T. Pro Testing with a radon problem we will be readily available to come take a look
at your home to help you determine which system would work best with your home, we take everything into account!

Who We Are….We are a family who, just like you or someone you know, have been  profoundly affected by cancer.  We moved here to Janesville in 2004,and we found that according to the EPA, Rock and Dane County had a high potential for elevated radon levels. As mentioned before, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. It was our calling and belief that if we could help eliminate the chance of someone else being affected by cancer we would.

We became certified through the University of Minnesota.

We founded A.T.Pro Testings and have been helping families since August, 2005, in loving memory of Michael Louis Skinner and Sestillo “Gig” Adami.